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Bapro is the only company totally dedicated to the development and production of chassis dynamometers test benches for cars and motorbikes; delivering chassis dynamometers distinguished by the utmost repeatability and accuracy. All Bapro test benches are made in braked configuration by eddy current brake. This is the reason why our products are designed to adsorb the power of the vehicles and therefore they have characteristics of high resistance.
The design of hardware and software are carried out in house by our engineers: this allows us to be independent from any third part supplier and to know exactly each detail of our instruments.

Bapro HP Dyno

HP series is Bapro’s highest performance chassis dynamometer.
Four all connected 400 mm diameter rollers per each axle guarantee the top repeatability and accuracy. With a massive tubular frame made of high strength steel, this High Performance series suits all needs: Testing, R&D, Motorsport, Tuning and Chip Tuning. 
BPA-4R High Performance is suitable for any kind of power and torque levels.
Axles synchronization: 
Electronic linked and synchronized axles through software, made by fast and precise high frequency control of eddy current brakes, with the aim to synchronize the axles in a 4wd car (Bapro’s patented system). 
This function avoids any differentials damage and helps to carry on more accurate tests, because wasted power due to slippage inside the differentials is avoided too. 
Thanks also to this, BPA-4R HP dyno is extremely easy to be installed and maintenance is almost absent.

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