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Topdon T-Darts

£50.00 +VAT

TOPDON T-Darts – Key Programming RFID Chip Device

With the T-Darts, technicians and key specialists unlock a new dimension of analysis and programming. The T-Ninja Pro supports chip recognition and frequency detection when used together with the T-Darts, a TOPDON-designed Transponder & Remote Tester Tool, enables users to perform key programming for mainstream automobiles available on the global market. Get excellent coverage with the T-Darts, covering over 100 different transponder chips. The T-Darts also features outstanding practicality, with Bluetooth connectivity, lengthened RF detection range, and the option to run on four AAA batteries. Pairing the T-Darts and T-Ninja Pro gives professionals all the versatility and capabilities they would need to turn profits and maximize efficiency. We will continue to upgrade and unlock more features in the future.

  • T-Darts allows either USB or Battery powered function
  • T-Darts Supports Transponder Chips
  • Supports 100+ Transponder Chips
  • T-Darts identifies Radio Frequency of each Vehicle Remote (300-320Mhz, 430-434Mhz, 868Mhz, 902-915Mhz)
  • Can connect directly to phones
  • BlueTooth Connectivity
  • Can Incorporate 4 Triple A Batteries
  • Dimensions: 139.5*72*28.2 mm (5.5*2.83*1.1 in.)
  • Weight: 100g
  • USB Port: Type-C F
  • requency Detection: 300-320; 430-434; 868, 902-915 Mhz

Standard Detection Range: 1-10 cm

What’s In The Box
  • 1 * Quick Guide
  • 1 * USB Type-C Cable