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Topdon artidiag 800BT

£375.00 +VAT

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Products Description
OBD function:
1、Read DTCs
2、Clear DTCs
3、Live Data
4、I/M Readiness Monitor Status
5、View Freeze Frame Data
6、O2 Sensor Test
7、On-board Monitor Test
8、Evap Test(Mode$8)
9、Read Vehicle Information

Car diagnostic function

1、Supports full system diagnostics for 54 brands car models
2、Version information
3、Read codes
4、Clear Codes
5、Live data
Note: 1 year free upgrade of diagnostic software

Special Functions

1、Oil Reset(53 brands) 2、SAS(44 brands)
3、EPB(41 brands) 4、BMS Reset(31 brands)
5、DPF(39 brands) 6、 ABS Bleeding(34 brands)
7、IMMOBILIZER 8、Sunroof Reset
9、Suspension Reset 10、Gearbox Reset
11、AFS Headlam Reset 12、Injector Coding
13、Gear Learning 14、TPMS Reset
15、EGR RESET 16Throttle Adaptation(37brands)

Other Functions

lAutoVIN technology for fast car identification

lAutomatic diagnostic report generatio
lData record and review; share via email
lOne-touch screenshot to capture images for reference
lOne-touch update via Wi-Fi wireless access
lGraphic live data
lOnline Feedback