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Dynostar RC1000AWD


This newly developed dyno will offer you the renowned Dynostar quality at an affordable price. The RC1000AWD will come fully mechanically synchronized with the option of using a single 1000 Nm retarder or even adding an optional second 1000Nm retarder. The second retarder can also be added later when the dyno is up and running.
The RC1000AWD is designed as an above ground model with complementary drive on ramps. It has a very low deck height of 350mm and can easily be installed in any workshop. But this dyno can also be used perfectly as a pit model. The dyno also features integrated latching points to tie down the vehicle easily.
With it’s adjustable wheelbase from 2,3 meters up to 3,1 meters this reliable dynamometer is suitable for testing a wide range of cars. Everything from a Fiat 500 up to a BMW 7-series will fit easily.
This dynamometer is capable of testing up to 625 kW dynamic (AWD) and over 300kW static, all because of the air-cooled retarders with a braking capacity of either 1000 or 2000 Nm. All features combined make this dyno an ideal and easy to use tool for chiptuning and diagnostic work.
Technical specifications RC1000 AWD/RC2000 AWD
Weight: 3000 [kg]
Dimensions (lxwxh):
4,36 x 3,00 x 0,35 [m]
Power requirements: 400 [V]
Air requirements: 6 [bar]
Max. speed: 275 [kmh]
Drum width:
0,65 [m]
Drum diameter: 0,35 [m]
Number of drums: 4
Min. track: 0,9 [m]
Max. track: 2,2 [m]
Max. axle load: 2500 [kg]
Min. wheel base
2,3 [m]
Max. wheel base:
3,1 [m]
Total inertia:
21,5 / 22,0 [kgm2]
Equivalent vehicle mass
702 / 718 [kg]
Max. power 2WD
400* / 500** [kW] 536,4* / 670,5** [Hp]
Max. power AWD
500 / 625 [kW] 670,5 / 838,1 [Hp]
Max. static power continuous
110 / 220 [kW]
*Based on a dynamic run with retarder load in 4th gear or higher.
**Based on a dynamic run with retarder load in 4th gear or higher.