Alientech Kess V2 Slave Remapping Tool – Cars, Bikes & LCV’s

£1,450.00 +VAT


The Alientech Kess system is a state of the art ECU Remapping tool. Communication to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) is carried out via the OBDII socket or via the specific diagnostic connector.

Alientech Kess can be used on a variety of different vehicle types; Cars, Bikes, Light Commercials (LCV’s), Tractors, Trucks, Marine. This listing is for a Slave Alientech Kess V2 Tool with Cars, Bikes and LCV protocols. Truck, Tractor and Marine protocols can be purchased at a later date if required.

How it works

The Kess tool is connected to the vehicle’s OBD port and the original ECU map file is copied and stored on to the supplied laptop. This map file is then sent to our HQ in Bristol for modification, file transfer is handled via a dedicated portal on our website where you can stipulate the type of modification you require. i.e. Stage 1 or Stage 2 Remap, EGR Delete, DPF Removal, SCR Delete … etc …….
Within 1 hour (normally much less) the modified map file will be complete and ready to download to the laptop, this modified ECU map file is now ready to be programmed back to the vehicle via the OBD port.

Remapping could not be easier; Read – Send – Receive – Write

Alientech Kess V2 Slave Remapping Tool – Cars, Bikes & LCV’s

£1,450.00 +VAT

£1,450.00 +VAT

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