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Bapro 4WD – BPA-4R HP

£65,000.00 +VAT


HP series is Bapro’s highest performance chassis dynamometer.
Four all connected 400 mm diameter rollers per each axle guarantee the top repeat-ability and accuracy. With a massive tubular frame made of high strength steel, this High Performance series suits all needs: Testing, R&D, Motorsport, Tuning and Chip Tuning.
BPA-4R High Performance is suitable for any kind of power and torque levels.
Axles synchronization:
Electronic linked and synchronized axles through software, made by fast and precise high frequency control of eddy current brakes, with the aim to synchronize the axles in a 4wd car (Bapro’s patented system).
This function avoids any differentials damage and helps to carry on more accurate tests, because wasted power due to slippage inside the differentials is avoided too.
Thanks also to this, BPA-4R HP dyno is extremely easy to be installed and maintenance is almost absent.




Mechanical features:

  • Roller diameter: 400 mm
  • Roller width: 700 mm
  • Overall dimensions mm: 4330 x 3470 x 460
  • Max weight per axle: 2.500 kg


  • Maximum speed 360 km/h
  • Maximum adsorbable power 1.300 HP (Endurance tests)
  • Maximum measurable power 2.000 HP (Sweep power tests)
  • Maximum traction force 16.000 N

Power supply:

  • voltage 3/N/PE 400 VAC
  • frequency 50 Hz
  • fuses 16 A
  • compressed air 6 bar


  • Shorter repair time (fast and exact diagnosis)
  • effective use of the instruments already present in workshop (diagnosis equipment, gas analyzer)
  • Avoid any risks from road tests (traffic, accidents, fines)
  • Results certification (performance enhancement)
  • Accessories sale improvement by result verification (exhaust systems, efi controller etc..)
  • Second-hand vehicles sale improvement by engine health certification
  • Vehicle check before second-hand trades
  • Renting for tests and technical checks

Measuring program:

  • Trasmission verification (clutch slippage)
  • Power step test
  • Power sweep test
  • Cooling system check (radiator, fan sensor, thermostatic valve)
  • Diagnosis by gas analyzer under load
  • Vehicle test with constant speed
  • Vehicle test with constant force
  • Vehicle test with constant load
  • Road simulation (slope, drag resistance, weight)
  • Vehicle test with constant RPM
  • Durability tests
  • Engine mapping to all RPM
  • Diagnosis by scantool during road simulation
    • 2 Eddy currents brakes; 8 rollers paired with HTD belts, knurled over entire width, finished by cut knurling
    • Infrared remote control test bench management directly from vehicle cockpit
    • Lambda Input to connect the vehicle lambda probe or an external controller
    • Boost pressure input 0÷2.5 bar relative pressure ± 0.035 bar error
    • Fully functional management software; Pneumatic vehicle lifter, with integrated rollers lock
    • Electric adjustment of vehicle wheelbase